It's Time

Phil Dawson

A new 6-track mini album from a musician with a long list of credits including South African trumpet legend Hugh Masekela, afrobeat co-creator Tony Allen and Ethiopian jazz originator Mulatu Astatke as well as many Brit-jazz and international roots artists. Read more...


Lokkhi Terra

Funkiwala Records presents CUBANGLA - the sixth album by London fusionistas LoKkhi TeRra. Following on from their hugely successful collaboration with UK afro-beat ambassador Dele Sosimi on 2018’s “Cubafrobeat”(mixing afrobeat and Cuban Rumba/Timba), this album sees them return to their Bangla-Afro- Latin-Jazz-Roots. Read more...

Gnostic Hilife

Phil Dawson

A new jazz project from a guitarist with a long list of credits including South African legend Hugh Masekela, afrobeat co-creator Tony Allen and Ethiopian jazz originator Mulatu Astatke as well as a variety of Brit-jazz artists and setups. Read more...

How It Is

Justin Thurgur

- written by Justin Thurgur

Driven by a psychedelic, Afrobeat-infused guitar and a deep, soulful hammond Organ, this single is ‘World’ Modal Jazz that draws its inspiration from the multi-cultural music community in London. Read more...

Nobody's Husband, Nobody's Dad

Maurizio Ravalico

Funkiwala is proud to be the bearer of Maurizio Ravalico’s first full-length album, “Nobody’s Husband, Nobody’s Dad”, an intriguing, visionary and very unique percussion work, which is in his own words “the most eloquent synthesis to date of my lifelong love affair with percussion music”. Read more...

A Momentary Convergence of Differently Paced Trajectories

Maurizio Ravalico

First Funkiwala release of visionary percussionist Maurizio Ravalico is this genre-promiscuous, loosely dj-oriented EP 12” vinyl EP, which funnels his recent collaborations with the Fiium Shaarrk trio and Tamar Osborn’s Collocutor into an introduction and a compendium to his solo percussion album, “Nobody’s Husband, Nobody’s Dad”, out on Funkiwala in November 2018. Read more...


Lokkhi Terra meets Dele Sosimi

Funkiwala Records presents the third in the series of “Lokkhi Terra meets”albums, with the London fusionistas creating another unique soundclash, this time with ex-Fela Kuti keyboardist and legendary UK Afro-beat ambassador Dele Sosimi, and members of his critically acclaimed Afro-beat Orchestra. Read more...


Justin Thurgur

- written by Justin Thurgur and Kishon Khan

This single release from Justin Thurgur, composed in collaboration with Kishon Khan, is a Cuban Jazz track that features driving Timba bass lines and Afrobeat inflected horns and is a nod to the Nuyorican Latin Jazz scene of the ‘50’s, ‘60’s and ‘70’s, which has been a big inspiration to them. Read more...

Atras Da Tecnologia (Bahia To Lagos)


Beiju is the combined work of two unique practictioners: Firstly, Adma Macedo Newport from Salvador da Bahia, a singer who has integrated the great Afro-brazilian musical traditions of her native city with that of those she’s lived in on her travels. Namely - London, Bogota and Gabarone; taking an improvisational approach to all this roots influence and blending it with jazz and samba as well. Read more...

Nobody's Business

Di Me


Cuban Timba meets London Funk.

Motimba were a UK based Latin band from the late 1990's, mixing Cuban Timba with Funk and Soul. Described by Straight No Chaser Magazine as "Ground-breaking", the band were hugely popular in the thriving live latin scene in London at that time, and are considered by many to be way ahead of their time.

Di Me is the side A of a couple of newly unearthed tracks, and is testament to that view. Recorded late last century, but remastered in 2017 at Gearbox Records, this is the first in a series of Funkiwala Single releases. Read more...

Introducing Baby Akhtar

Lokkhi Terra with Shikor Bangladesh All Stars

In 2015, London fusionistas Lokkhi Terra put on a show at Womad and Songlines Encounters Festival, where they collaborated with folk legends from Bangladesh, the Shikor Bangladesh AllStars. The music was based on countless rooftop jams held back in Dhaka, where Lokkhi Terra had been touring regularly from 2009. “from London’s global melting pot LoKkhi TeRra joined the Banglaeshi musicians of Shikor for an unlikely but successful fusion that matched Asian influences with Cuban Jazz” The Guardian. Read more...

No Confusion

Justin Thurgur

"Perfection does not exist, but with this album Justin Thurgur and his mates are coming dangerously close to it."
Philippe de Cleen -

“Border breaking communication.......deftly celebrates our commonality.” 4-­star review
Jane Cornwell – Evening Standard

‘No Confusion’ is Justin Thurgur’s debut album as a leader. Written in collaboration with the double bassist Max De Wardener and pianist Kishon Khan. Read more...

Bangla Rasta

Lokkhi Terra with Shikor Bangladesh All Stars

“The international power of Reggae Music” Rodigan Radio 1 Xtra

Presenting the first release in the series of collaborations between London innovators Lokkhi Terra and Bengali heavyweights Shikor Bangladesh AllStars.

This !2’ is a Roots meets Roots adventure, and features the vocal talents of Baby Akhtar and Baul Rob Fakir.

The collaboration places the mystic Baul tradition in the context of Roots Reggae – truly a marriange made in heaven. Read more...

Soul Of Bengal

Shikor Bangladesh Allstars

“The group presenting this charming collection of Bangladeshi music lives up to its name.It is indeed an all-star cast....the resulting music is undeniably beautiful” Songlines “performed beautifully and with exquisite taste” Dhaka Tribune

Bangladesh is not only a land of Rivers, it’s a land of song. Ancient songs, full of poetry and spiritual meaning, can be heard everywhere. From popular boat songs to the great works of the mystic poet Lalon Shah, these are living traditions that continue to inspire each new generation. Read more...

Che Guava's Rickshaw Diaries

Lokkhi Terra

“Beautiful, powerful, spectacular stuff” Songlines Magazine

“The multicultural settings effortlessly encapsulate 21st-century London. Traditional songs from Bangladesh collide with Latin rhythms, township jazz, funk and ambient shades, all seasoned with a lilting pop sensibility... Gold medals all round.” Sunday Times Magazine. Read more...

No Visa Required

Lokkhi Terra

“Effortless” BBC radio 3.

The band’s debut album, released in 2010.


Music That Inspires Us


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Javier Camilo - "A Night in Havana"
Jam in a Jar, Green Lanes, N8 0RE, London
Lokkhi Terra meets Afro Spot - "Rooted"
Laylow, Golborne Road, W10
Lokkhi Terra meets Afro Spot - "Rooted"
Laylow, Golborne Road, W10
Lokkhi Terra meets Dele Sosimi - "Cubafrobeat"
Jazz Cafe, Camden, London
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Funkiwala Records was created by musicians Kishon Khan and Justin Thurgur, who for over twenty years have been at the heart of a global music community based in London.

The label was set up to represent some of the unique music coming out of this scene - British Afro-Jazz, Sufi Samba, Bengali Reggae, Cuban Funk, Mystic Dub, BanglaAfroLatinJazz – a scene committed to breaking down musical borders.

“If further proof were needed that London is a hotbed of cross-culturally inspired expression, it’s new record label Funkiwala”
Evening Standard

Kishon Khan

Kishon Khan is a pianist, composer, arranger and producer, born in Bangladesh, but brought up in London. He was classically trained from the age of 4, and turned to jazz in his teens.

Since then, he has established himself as a formidable bandleader, as well as one of London’s in-demand session pianists. He is part of a community of critically acclaimed musicians, focused on playing different traditional styles authentically, but also making a name for himself as an innovative composer and arranger. His versatility is reflected in the vast array of artists he has collaborated with, from across the genres, including legends from across the globe.


Artists performed with include Hugh Masakela (South Africa), Ayub Ogada (Kenya), Geraldo Piloto, Julito Padron, Oswaldo Chacon (Cuba), Johnny Clarke, Cornell Campbell, Michael Prophet, Earl 16 (Jamaica), Pandit Dinesh, Hariharan, Faizal Qureshi (India), Tony Allen, Kolobo, Dele Sosimi, Bukky Leo (Nigeria), Orchestra Imperial, Dadi, Kassin (Brazil), Denis Bovell (UK) to name a few.

Contemporary collaborations include Soothsayers (Afro Dub), Nick Smart’s Trogon, Arun Ghosh (contemporary jazz), Kumar, Danay (Cuban Hip Hop), Afro Spot (Abajazz), Greymatter (dance), Kingpin (UK Hip Hop), Vince Vella, Gilles Peterson’s Havana Cultura (UK/Cuba)

He won the SAIFF award in New York for his soundtrack for Channel 4 film “The Last Thakur” in 2010.

“A formidable jazz pianist”
Simon Broughton, Evening Standard

Justin Thurgur

Thurgur is most known as the trombonist from the seminal folk group Bellowhead but for over twenty years he has also been at the heart of a wider international scene centred in London. Particularly, his nineteen years as the right hand man of Afro-Beat maestro Dele Sosimi and twenty-two years collaborating with fellow Funkiwala partner Kishon Khan, but he has also worked with such luminaries as Tony Allan, Giraldo Piloto, Julito Padron, Changuito, Pandit Dinesh, Cheick Tidiane-Seck, Fatoumata Diowara Nozrul Islam, Tony Kofi, The Levellers and The Selecter.

Throughout his career Thurgur has been committed to the idea of breaking down borders and creating music that explores the diverse global musical languages that have surrounded him in London and been part of his community.