Beiju - Atras Da Tecnologia (Bahia To Lagos)


Beiju is the combined work of two unique practictioners: Firstly, Adma Macedo Newport from Salvador da Bahia, a singer who has integrated the great Afro-brazilian musical traditions of her native city with that of those she’s lived in on her travels. Namely - London, Bogota and Gabarone; taking an improvisational approach to all this roots influence and blending it with jazz and samba as well.

Secondly, Phil Dawson, a London-based guitarist and music writer who has collaborated with many stylistic originators internationally, including those from all four corners of Africa. Together they have organically come up with some unique fusions, such as blends of Ijexa and Nigerian Afrobeat, or Baiao and Ghanaian Hilife, as well as novel takes on other traditions such as Maracatu and Samba-Funk.

Their live shows feature a rhythm section boasting some of the finest African, Brazilian, and Afro-Brazilian musical talent in London.