Motimba - Di Me


Di Me

Cuban Timba meets London Funk.

Motimba were a UK based Latin band from the late 1990's, mixing Cuban Timba with Funk and Soul. Described by Straight No Chaser Magazine as "Ground-breaking", the band were hugely popular in the thriving live latin scene in London at that time, and are considered by many to be way ahead of their time.

Di Me is the side A of a couple of newly unearthed tracks, and is testament to that view. Recorded late last century, but remastered in 2017 at Gearbox Records, this is the first in a series of Funkiwala Single releases.

Motimba - Nobody's Business


Nobody's Business

London Latin Soul

Side B of newly unearthed recordings by this iconic band from London. Nobody's Business features the late Danny Suarez (aka Kid Africa) doing a guest rap.- This was recorded when Danny first arrived in London from Cuba in the late 90s. All proceeds will go to Danny's family in Havana.

RIP Kid Africa