This is Funkiwala - Various Artists

QUE BELEZA - Phil Dawson featuring Nina Miranda and the +2s (A1)

ON A SUMMERS DAY - Archie the Goldfish (A2)

ENI AGEE - Cubafrobeat (A3)



NUORACLE - Justin Thurgur(B2)


SHADHO KI RE AMAR - Shikor Bangladesh All Stars (B4)

Presenting a brand new vinyl compilation featuring artists from the electic Funkiwala label – from Brasillian Afrobeat to Bengali Funk to Indo-Cuban-Nigerian Jazz to European Jazz Soul to traditional Baul Myticism - 3 newly released tracks by Phil Dawson, Cubafrobeat and Lokkhi Terra, with other tracks previously released digitally or on CD only - “if further proof were needed that London is a hotbed of cross-culturally inspired expression, it’s new record label Funkiwala” Evening Standard.

Que Beleza

Original Song by Tim Maia

Recorded @Sultan Sound and @BPYO, London

Mixed @The Steam Rooms

Mastered @BPYO

Arranged and Produced by P. Dawson /M Dalle Luche

On A Summers Day

Written and Arranged by C Bestwick

Recorded @home studios, Helsinki, London, The Hague

Mixed and Produced by C. Bestwick / G. Flowers

Mastered by S. Kitch

Eni Agee

Written by K. Khan / J. Thurgur / F Peters / O Noda / D Sosimi

Arranged by K. Khan

Recorded by S. Gallizio @Fish Factory Studios London and @home studios London, Dhaka, Amsterdam

Mixed by M. Caccialanza @Hi Street Studios, London

Mastered by C. Sutton-Jones @Gearbox, London

Produced by K. Khan


Written and Arranged by K.Khan

Recorded by K. Khan @TYPS London

Mastered by W. Maebe

Mixed by K.Khan @TYPS London

Produced by K. Khan

Kande Revisited

Traditional Song by Hason Raja

Music written and arranged by K. Khan

Recorded by S. Navel @Eastcote Studio, London and home studios Dhaka, London, Amsterdam

Mixed by M Caccialanza @Hi Street Studio, London

Mastered by C. Sutton-Jones @Gearbox, London

Produced by K. Khan


Written and Arranged by J. Thurgur / K. Khan

Recorded by S. Gallizio @Fish Factory London and at Boneman Studios by J Thurgur

Mixed by M Caccialanza @Hi Street Studio, London

Mastered by C. Sutton-Jones @Gearbox, London

Produced by J. Thurgur

Eu Topo

Written by A Newport / P Dawson

Recorded @BPYO, London and @Dudu’s place, Såo Paulo

Mixed by O Azaria @Omri”s place, London

Mastered by A Dias @Post Modern, Rio de Janeiro

Produced by P. Dawson

Shadho Ki Re Amar

Original song by Baul Lalon Shah

Recorded by S Choudhury @Bass Line Studio, Dhaka

Mixed by M Caccialanza @Hi Street Studio, London

Mastered by T. Debney @Fluid Studios, London

Produced by K. Khan

This compilatoin Mastered / Lacquered by C Sutton-Jones @ Gearbox Records, London

Artwork by Inshra Russell

Printed @Optimal, Germany

c + p Funkiwala Records, 2022



Nina Miranda , Moreno Veloso , Lorna Brown (A1)

Nadia Basurto (A2)

Dele Sosimi (A3)

Sohini Alam, Aanon Sidiqqua (A3, B1, B4)

Aneire Khan (B1)

Labik Kamal Gaurob (B1, B4)

Dewan Baby Akhtar (B4)

Adma Newport (B3)

Baul Rob Fakir (B4)

Rhythm Section

Kishon Khan – Rhodes (A2-4, B1-2), Clavinet (A3), Harmonium, Programmation(A4), Mini Korg (B1)

Phil Dawson – Guitar (A1, B1, B3), Rhodes /Hammond, Fx(A1, B3)

Marco Dalle Luche – Rhodes, MiniMoog, Fx (A1)

Chris Bestwick – Guitar, Bass (A2)

Kassin Alexander – Bass (A1)

Suman Joshi – Bass (A3, B2)

Jimmy Martinez – Bass (A4, B1)

Matheus Nova, Momo Hafsi – Bass (B3)

Stephane San Juan – Drums (A1)

Tansay Omar – Drums (A3, B1-2)

Eduardo Marques – Drums (B3)

Oreste Noda – Congas (A3-4. B1-2)

Nazrul Islam – Dhol, Mondira (A3, B4)

Javier Camilo – Bongos (A4, B2), Guiro (B1, B2), Bells (B2)

Domenico Lancelotti – MPC (A1)

Maurizio Ravalico – Percussion (B3)

Mokaddes Ali – Dotara (B4)

Asith Biswas – Esraj (A3, B4)

Bappi – Tablas (B4)

Bizu – Ektara (B4)

Rob Fakir – Dotara (B4)

Horn Section

Justin Thurgur – Trombone (A3, B1-2)

Graeme Flowers (A3, B1-2)

Finn Peters – Flute (B1), Alto/Tenor Sax (A3)

Jalal Ahmed – Flute (B4)

Shahidul Islam – Flute (A3)

Simeone May – Alto/ Baritone Sax (B2)

Ben Plocki -Bass Sax (B2)

Funkiwala Records was created by musicians Kishon Khan and Justin Thurgur, who for over twenty years have been at the heart of a global music community based in London.

The label was set up to represent some of the unique music coming out of this scene – British Afro-Jazz, Sufi-Samba, Bengali Reggae, Cuban Funk, Mystic Dub, Brasilian and Cuban Afrobeat, Bangla Afro Latin Jazz – a scene committed to breaking down musical borders, and to giving London it’s musical accent